Post-Symposium Tour

Bangka Belitung Island

Post-Symposium Tour

Kaolin Lake

Kaolin Lake has become the place for tourists for taking photos and uploading to Instagram. Not only you can see the clearance of water, you can feel walking down to the lake by coil and stones. If you like to take cool photos, this is the place.

Kaolin Lake in Belitung is not a natural lake. Initially, this was a kaolin mining. After stopping mining activities, land that has been dredged and filled with rainwater became a beautiful artificial lake. The blue color of the lake water is very bright combined with the blue sky. Unlike the White crater that has a sulfur smell, Lake Kaolin has no smell of sulfur.

Tanjung Pandan Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches in Belitung. It will deliver the beauty of nature and sea waves. You can visit much more of small island near this beach, such as Pasir island, Batu Tinggi island, and much more. You can also dive into Tanjung pandan sea and feel the beauty of the inner sea. This is the climax of this tour.

Post-Symposium Tour

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